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Ricky Forbes

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Digital Marketing Consultant

We like to make fun of Ricky, well because it’s easy to do and he’s a good sport about it. Give us some credit, he starts most of it. Ricky’s career success has been because of social media, aka this guy knows what he is doing. 


A Saskatchewan native, Ricky is a professional storm chaser, action adventurer, star of the show Tornado Hunters on Netflix, host of Woods Canada's Greatest Explorer and host on Much Music's 'Far and Wide’. Ricky met partners of Blue Moose Media while in business school at the University of Saskatchewan.


After school Ricky put it all on the line chasing storms. Using the power of social media Ricky helped create Tornado Hunters and take it from an idea to an international TV show. Any given day you may find Ricky out adventuring, pursing a project or tripping over a curb somewhere (he’s clumsy). The long and short of it is, this guys gets social media and loves to help others build their businesses using the craft he has learned.


As a Digital Marketing Consultant, Ricky is responsible for engaging our clients community and developing creative content. His experience building audiences is an asset we don't want to sweep under the rug!


Travis Low

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Digital Marketing Consultant

Travis is the token Ginger on the Blue Moose team.  They say he takes a spoonful of sunscreen every morning to try to build up a tolerance against the sun (this may just be a myth, but he can use any help he can get with the sun). With ginger jokes aside, Travis’ career success can be attributed to his ability to build relationships and communicate effectively. 


Travis attended business school at the University of Saskatchewan where he met the other partners of Blue Moose. After school, he went on a 3-month tour of South East Asia and a life filled with adventure and travels was born. Recently, Travis just finished a year-long tour to Europe and South America where you could find him hiking through the Alps, biking across Iceland, surfing in Ecuador or practicing his best tree pose in a number of  yoga studios. 


For the past 10 years, Travis has advocated for people living with Parkinson’s in Saskatchewan and across Canada. As the Founder and Chair of the Lows in Motion Parkinson’s “Shaker” he and his committee have raised nearly $500,000 for Parkinson Society Saskatchewan and have brought awareness to 1000’s of people at the event and through social media. In addition to his volunteer work, Travis spent 4 years as the Executive Director of Parkinson Society Saskatchewan where he learned what it takes to grow an organization, lead a team and build a community of like-minded people.  


Working on our Business Development, Travis is responsible for building relationships with our clients and prospects as well as handling the many sides of the Blue Moose business. Travis’ experience managing a charitable organization showed him the importance of using analytics to evaluate progress and the power of strategic planning and wants to apply the same principles to our client’s social media. 

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Dana Olafson

Communications Director

Dana from A to Z: Asks questions. Boating. Creative. Dogs. Eating. Family. Googling. Hawaii. Indian food. Jokes. Kids. Laughter. Mountains. Neck rubs. Ocean waves. Policemen (only one). Quizzes. Renovating. Shopping. Travel. Ukrainian food. Volleyball. Watching movies. eXcellent dancer. Yard work. Zero willpower around carbs.


Born and raised in Saskatchewan, Dana knows how to work hard, have fun, stay warm and play sports. She’s always loved reading, writing, and movies, which drew her to complete her English degree at the University of Regina, followed by a film and video diploma from SAIT. Success in communications-related roles led to Dana spending the last nine years at a marketing agency, where her creative and strategic marketing abilities grew exponentially. Her strength is connecting businesses and consumers through human commonalities.


As Communications Director at Blue Moose, Dana works to create a journey, a story, and an experience for each client, and allows our team to share with the world through social media.


For over a decade, Randy has worked directly with businesses and organizations—from mini to massive— to develop, manage and maintain their brand and marketing strategies with a natural reflex to focus on social media and digital marketing tactics.


When not hanging with his family, or at the office, you’ll probably find him making all sorts of weird noise at the Garfield Soundlabs—a recording/rehearsal studio that he founded 15 years ago that has grown to be a bit of a commons for many musicians in and around Saskatoon.


And if you can’t find him at all, he is likely at the family cabin, travelling to the mountains or to some far-off place to find a far-out restaurant/bar/cafe.

Randy Farkas

Digital Marketing Consultant

Born and raised in Saskatoon, Dallas is an accomplished Graphic Designer, Social Media guru and Electrician. This multi-faceted gear head loves working with his hands, whether he's creating a dynamic social media campaign or switching out an electrical panel. 

Dallas’ passion for all things design and art began with drawing and sketching at an early age. Eventually, his interest grew and he began teaching himself the tools and skills for graphic design. With his self-taught, mad computer hacking skills, Dallas and his cousin, Cole Flath, started the clothing company Alpyne Apparel. In just three years, Alpyne Apparel has grown to be an industry-leading clothing company in the mountain lifestyle sector, not to mention they are now in OVER 200 stores! 

When not behind the computer, you will find Dallas outside. Dallas loves all things sport and anything with a gear in it; this includes football, basketball, snowmobiling, dirt biking… the list goes on. If there isn’t an outdoor adventure on the agenda, Dallas loves to spend time with his family and friends. 

Dallas Androsoff

Social Media Specialist


Naina Nicodemus (say that name 3 times fast) is a 2nd year Marketing and Human Resources student at the University of Saskatchewan. Born and brought up in Dubai and having lived in 4 different countries, Saskatoon is now home for Naina. Naina has mad nunchuck skills, computer hacking skills, and loves long walks on the beach… serious talk, Naina loves travelling the world, loves food, and most importantly loves marketing and social media.

Naina Nicodemus

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Social Media Student