How to Schedule Your Content Like a BOSS

Imagine you came to work one day and none of your employees came to work. Now imagine you came in the next day and they were all there. Both days you asked why this happened, and both days you were told that no schedule was made.

This would be pretty aggravating! Luckily, for staffing your business, you keep a tight schedule and people know when they work and for how long.

Scheduling your employees is important for your business. Meanwhile, your social media is still running scattershot when it comes to posts. You put something up when you feel like it - and it’s usually rushed.

Why not apply a bit of scheduling to your social media content strategy?

How a Content Calendar Helps

Here at Blue Moose Media, we love making up content calendars for our clients. We’ve found that when it comes to social media management, content calendars are the best way to keep everything running smoothly. Here are some ways it helps us out month-to-month.

Strategize Your Content

When you create a content calendar for your social media management, you can easily put forward a content strategy that helps you tell your whole brand story. It’s totally up to you what you’d like to share through social media to your audience: blog posts, updates, photos of the staff, events, etc. With a content calendar, you can plot what story you want to tell and the type of post it’s going to be.

This takes a lot of pressure off of whoever is in charge of your social media marketing. Tasking them with putting something up about ‘X’ by 3pm today is pretty stressful. A content calendar allows this person to work on the post ahead of time and make sure it fits with the overall social marketing strategy.

Plan & Organize Your Posts

Another benefit to having a content calendar is the level of organization and management you can have over a post. With a content calendar in place, you can plan a time and date on which the post will drop. By setting up a well scheduled calendar, you can leave adequate room for a last minute event you’d like to highlight. Additionally, you have an opportunity to have a second set of eyes on a post. If it is an important post, it’s nice to have feedback to craft the best post possible and make sure all the i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed.

Stay Consistent

Consistency with your posts is the best way to build a following. Your brand is important, and you want your followers to buy in. A content calendar can help plan posts for specific times and help you become a consistent poster in their respective feeds. With a consistent posting schedule, you can cultivate a real following.

Content Is King; Rule Your Domain

You want your content seen by your audience, and with the right strategy you can make sure that it does. A content calendar is the best way to make sure that your content is structured and scheduled perfectly for your business’ needs.

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