How to Schedule and Edit Posts using Facebook Scheduler

Why should YOU schedule posts using Facebook scheduler?

Whether you are a business owner, manager or a marketer, you have a lot of content to share—and not a lot of time to do it.

Take the stress out of social media - use a scheduler to plan out your posts days, if not weeks, in advance and save yourself the time and hassle.

Here's how to use this awesome tool! 👇

How to schedule a post on Facebook:

  1. Create your post at the top of your Page’s Timeline.

  2. Click the drop down button next to Publish and select Schedule.

  3. Below Publication, select the date and time when you want the post to publish.

  4. Click Schedule.

  5. Voila

Need to reschedule, edit, or delete a scheduled post? We've got you covered:
  1. Click Publishing Tools at the top of your Page

  2. Click Scheduled Posts in the left column

  3. Click the post you want to edit

  4. Click Edit to edit the post, or click the dropdown button to choose to publish, reschedule or delete it

By scheduling content you make sure all pillars of your brand are being hit and any key dates will not be missed.

Note: All times for scheduling correspond to your current timezone.

Pro-Tip: Use Grum to schedule posts with Instagram:

Happy Scheduling! 😊