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Over 500,000 Saskatchewanians are on social media every day—many of them 15-20 times a day! Are you getting your message in front of them effectively? 


Social media is one of the most affordable and effective ways to market your business. You can target exactly who you want to speak to, and measure exactly who engaged.


Used correctly, social media can build an online community around your business, develop new customers and build a deeper connection with your current fans.

Let us show you how. Every day, our Blue Moose team helps clients build their businesses online, achieving real goals and objectives that ultimately improve their bottom line. 

Training & Consulting 

Market your business.

Grow your online community.

Attract new customers. 

Empower your employees.

Let us show you how.

Comprehensive courses great for small to medium-sized organizations. 

Private workshops tailored to your business.

Digital Marketing Certification

Digital Marketing Certification teaches you the essential tools we use on a daily basis marketing our own clients online. Our 4-day course covers the key Digital Marketing fundamentals: 


Social Media Fundamentals

Photography & Graphic Design for Social Media

Facebook & Instagram Advertising Essentials

Google Ads Fundamentals


Meet The Team

Travis Low

Digital Marketing Consultant

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Parkinson Advocate | Chair of Lows In Motion | Event Specialist | Entrepreneur | World Traveler |

Proud Ginger | Read More >

Ricky Forbes

Digital Marketing Consultant

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Dana Olafson

Communications Director

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Creative | Writer | Strategist | Proud Mom & Wife | Sunshine Lover | Dog Hugger | Food Obsessed | Grammar Nerd | Read More >

Star of Tornado Hunters on Netflix | Host of Canada's Greatest Explorer | Storm Chaser | Action Adventurer | Photographer | Read More >

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Randy Farkas

Digital Marketing Conusltant

Musician | Producer | Papa for 2 | Noodle Enthusiast | Golf | Mountains | Read More >

Dallas Androsoff

Social Media Specialist

Electrician | Graphic Designer | Gear Head | Shoe Fanatic | Traveler | Adventurer |

 Read More >

Naina Nicodemus

Social Media Student

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4th Year Marketing Student at the U of S | World Traveler | Proud Volunteer | Business Case Competitor | Read More >

—  Erin Soos, Marketing Specialist, Innovation CU

“After implementing their suggestions, we have increased our Facebook followers by 17% (543 followers) in two months!”


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